Chambelland - Stunning gluten free breads and pastries in Paris

Chambelland - Stunning gluten free breads and pastries in Paris

Chambelland is a dedicated gluten free bakery and pastry shop with locations in Paris, Belgium, and Luxembourg. They’ve figured out the secret to chewy, crusty gluten free breads and beautifully delicate and flavorful tartlets. Chambelland believes that their exceptional foods deserves a similarly exceptional bakery cafe - and they’ve succeeded in creating a welcoming and lively space. In Chambelland, bread and pastry production coexists within a space perfect for work or socializing with friends. The overall ambiance is warm and friendly, encouraging a little break from your daily routine.

Come for the loaves and sweets, stay for the happiness of finding a cozy cafe that’s totally safe for celiacs!

Cuisine Breads, Pastries
Locations 14 Rue Ternaux, 75011 Paris, France
Menu Pastry Menu & Bread Menu
Celiac-friendly? Yes, dedicated gluten free and all allergens are clearly marked
Vegan-friendly? Yes, great vegan options

Is Chambelland a good gluten free option?

Yes! Everything is gluten free, and they even sell flour mixes so you can make their goods at home. Founders Nathaniel and Thomas own their own gluten free flour mill, so you can rest easy and know that their flours never come in contact with gluten at any point in the manufacturing process.

I was unprepared for how much I loved this place. I was so overwhelmed by all of the delicious looking options that I needed to take a moment outside before I could narrow down my order to an amount I could actually finish! Chambelland does a great job communicating allergens in their items, and the cafe staff were really friendly and helpful.

I’m a huge fan of lemon flavored desserts and was really excited to see a dairy free lemon tartlet option at Chambelland - the Marquise de Popincourt. Perfectly crisp pastry base, beautifully rich and tangy lemon filling, and a satisfyingly browned meringue topping. I had this with a drip coffee (a rare find in Paris!) on their terrasse and it was the highlight of my day.

lemon tart pan bagnat

I came back another day for lunch and tried their pan bagnat sandwich, as part of their very affordable lunch set. The focaccia was crusty but light and the fillings were savory and hearty. Of course I also ordered another lemon tartlet, I would have eaten one every day if I was closer! Another dessert highlight at Chambelland are their caramelized and orange blossom scented loaves of pain de sucre - with the caveat that you should eat them the day you buy them. They can become a bit too crusty for my liking after a few days.

The space in Oberkampf is quite large and there are plenty of tables available both inside and outside to work or visit with friends. Their outdoor tables face a quiet street in a trendy area, which makes for fantastic people-watching.

Chambelland’s location

In Paris, you’ll find Chambelland in Oberkampf and Épinettes. But they also have locations in Belgium and Luxembourg. All of their cafes seem to be in really trendy areas so you won’t have to trek to the outer edges of a city to try them.

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