Little Nonna - Authentic gluten free Italian food in Paris

Little Nonna - Authentic gluten free Italian food in Paris

Little Nonna is a dedicated gluten free Italian restaurant located in the Golden Triangle area of Paris. The restaurant has a warm, relaxed atmosphere and is perfect for an apertivo with friends. On the menu you’ll find gluten free pastas, pizzas, desserts, beers, and cocktails. Everything is made in house with ingredients sourced directly from Italy, so you get the full authentic flavor of an Italian trattoria.

Cuisine Italian
Locations 12 Av. Niel, 75017 Paris, France
Menu Menu Link
Celiac-friendly? Yes, this restaurant is dedicated gluten free.
Vegan-friendly? Yes, many dishes can be made without meat, and some can be made without dairy products.

Is Little Nonna a good gluten free option?

This is hands down the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever eaten in my life. Even my gluten-eating partner was impressed.

Little Nonna’s pizza is Neopolitan style and serves one very hungry person or could be a light meal for 2 people. It has everything that comes with a great Neopolitan pizza: chewy crust, thin center, and perfectly browned edges. I can’t eat dairy products, so I got my pizza without cheese and chose salty toppings to make up for it. Little Nonna does offer lactose-free cheese along with their regular cheese, but it’s the casein I have to avoid. I’m sure the pizza is even better with cheese. We also tried their grilled veggies and some pasta dishes and everything was fantastic, flavorful, and so fresh.

If you’re in Paris, you need to go to Little Nonna and eat all the pizza and homemade bread! Get yourself a beer while you’re at it. It’s quite hard to find gluten free beer on tap in Paris, let alone in a spot with such beautiful ambience, so it’s worth taking advantage of.

Pizza Pizza
Pizza with cheese from Baci di Dama, followed by my pizza without cheese

Little Nonna’s location

the bar

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