Where to find gluten free bingfen in NYC

Where to find gluten free bingfen in NYC

  • Hupo in Long Island City offers ice jelly and I highly recommend theirs when it’s available. It has the perfect texture.

  • Breeze in Greenpoint Brooklyn marks their bingfen gf + v on the menu so you know they’re aware of allergens, but I don’t believe they use shoofly seeds because the jelly is more firm than the traditional style.

  • Szechuan Ice Jelly & Noodles from Queens Night Market is a great option, but it’s seasonal.

  • Roam dessert bar & gallery in LIC has a variety of interesting summer dessert options, including bingfen.

  • Fong On in Chinatown is mostly a tofu pudding and steamed rice cake spot, but you can get aiyu jelly atop the tofu pudding if you want to try a few bites of aiyu before committing to a full bowl.

  • Various boba tea spots around the city also carry aiyu jelly as an option to add to their drinks!

Please share if you know of any other good options!

* Title image courtesy of Polish Girl in Taiwan.

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