Gluten Free & Dairy Free Ice Cream Brands

Gluten Free & Dairy Free Ice Cream Brands

I’m one of the many people with celiac disease that can’t digest dairy products. If that’s also you, or maybe you’re vegan and avoiding gluten, this list is for you!

What you’ll find below: ice creams that are both gluten free and dairy free and can be easily found in US grocery stores. We’ll mark if they’re certified gluten free, vegan (as opposed to dairy free), kosher or other allergen-free. While we’re specifically focusing on packaged ice cream sold in pints or bars here, some of the options may also have scoop shops.

An important note if you’re new to dairy free ice cream: take it out of the freezer 15-20 minutes before you plan to eat it! Vegan ice cream tends to be more solid and requires a bit more melting time. It vastly improves the experience.

gf df ice creams

Scoop sign from Dylan Ferreira

Talenti Sorbetto & Gelato

Most Talenti flavors are gluten free (in both their dairy and non-dairy options). Any of the gf options we list below are certified gluten free by GFCO. They carefully track allergens and label any potential allergens on pints. All of these options are also certified non-GMO.

The cold brew coffee sorbetto is my personal favorite!

gf df ice creams

Talenti wall from Epicurious

Vegan? Some sorbettos are vegan, but all non-dairy gelatos contain eggs

Allergens? Soy, coconut or nuts may be present in vegan flavors, eggs in non-dairy flavors

Kosher? All Talenti products are OU-D Kosher

GF & DF Varieties:

  • Sorbetto: cold brew coffee, dark chocolate

  • Gelato: caramel toffee crunch

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Sorbetto: zesty lemon, alphonso mango, roman raspberry, summer strawberry

Chloe’s Fruit & Oat Milk Pops

Chloe’s doesn’t use any gluten ingredients in their ice cream pops or soft serve, plus they do periodic testing for allergens, and use a third-party tester to verify that they’re free of the 8 major allergens. They have soft serve shops in NYC, and are otherwise found in the freezer aisle.

gf df ice creams

Some oatmilk pops from Chloe's

Vegan? Yes

Allergens? Free of the 8 major allergens

Kosher? Most varieties are kosher certified, check individual packages

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Ice cream sandwiches: chocolate, vanilla

  • Fruit pops: mango, lime, raspberry, blueberry, dark chocolate, strawberry

  • Oatmilk pops: cookies & cream, chocolate peanut butter, salted caramel, mint chip

  • Marvel pops: Spider-man strawberry-lemon, Avengers cherry & grape

Oatly Frozen Desserts

Oatly uses certified gluten free oats in their US products, but many celiacs have trouble with oats, so skip this one if that’s you! Their frozen desserts are certified gluten free by GFCO. They’re also certified non-GMO and glyphosate residue free. Oatly also sells soft serve mix, so this is one you’ll see often at places serving vegan soft serve (eg: 16 Handles).

gf df ice creams

Oatly ice creams from Today

Vegan? Yes

Allergens? Free from the top 9 major allergens, tested to confirm

Kosher? Yes, certified kosher by OU

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: vanilla, banana split, cookie dough, raspberry swirl, fudge brownie, salted caramel, mint chip, coffee, strawberry, chocolate

  • Dipped bars: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry swirl, salted caramel

  • Mini cups: vanilla, chocolate

  • Soft serve: vanilla, chocolate

So Delicious Frozen Desserts

So Delicious states that they have a rigorous allergen testing program and apply strict quality control measures in an effort to prevent contamination by undeclared food allergens. There are various non-dairy milk lines to choose from, in case you’re allergic to coconut, nuts, or soy. Some of their product contain gluten, so definitely check the label before consuming! Their gluten free products are certified by GFCO, although it’s unclear if this applies to their oatmilk-based frozen desserts.

Salted caramel cluster is so good and tastes a bit like butterscotch!

gf df ice creams

Coconut milk So Delicious lineup from Go Dairy Free

Vegan? Yes

Allergens? Allergy-aware and tested, with extensive allergen labeling on each product

Kosher? Yes, certified by OU Kosher

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Cashewmilk: dipped salted caramel bars, peanut butter brownie pint, dipped double chococlate delight bars, bananas foster pint, dark chocolate truffle pint, salted caramel cluster pint, snickerdoodle pint, vanilla pint, chocolate cookies & cream pint

  • Oatmilk: coffee chip pint, chocolate salted caramel pint, s’mores pint, chocolate hazelnut brownie pint

  • Almondmilk: mocha almond fudge bars

  • Coconutmilk: mint fudge swirl bars, dipped coconut almond bars, vanilla bean pint, mint chip pint, cookie dough pint

  • Coconutmilk no sugar added: dipped vanilla bean bars, vanilla bean pint, mint chip pint, butter pecan pint

  • Soymilk: vanilla pint

  • Wondermilk: buttery pecan pint, strawberry pint


Jeni’s is not certified gluten free, and they also manufacture products with wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and soy in their facilities. But they follow best practices to avoid cross-contamination between flavors, and many celiacs with sensitivity to cross-contamination have reported they eat Jeni’s without any problem. Their banana cream pudding flavor contains oats that do not confirm if they’re gf certified. Use your best judgement!

The cold brew with coconut cream is really good.

gf df ice creams

A smattering of Jeni's from Tasting Table

Vegan? Unconfirmed if their cane sugar is vegan in the non-dairy line

Allergens? Wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and soy are used in some products

Kosher? No

GF & DF Varieties:

  • Pints: dark chocolate truffle, frosé sorbet, cold brew with coconut cream, banana cream pudding

  • Street sweets mini servings: dark chocolate truffle, frosé sorbet

Jolly Llama

Jolly Llama uses a shared assembly line, but their products are certified gluten free by a third party (GFCO), so they take their gluten free status very seriously. Most of their products are dairy free, but they sell dairy yogurt pops as well, so check the label before you eat their frozen goods.

Their mint chip ice cream sandwiches are fantastic but tiny.

gf df ice creams

Tiny mint ice cream sandwiches from The Strategist

Vegan? Most varieties are vegan, not the yogurt bars

Allergens? Milk, peanut, tree nut, wheat and egg ingredients are used in some products

Kosher? No

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Ice cream sandwiches: vanilla sandwich, cool mint chip sandwich

  • Ice cream cones: vanilla fudge, caramel chocolate chip, sea salt caramel, white mint chip

  • Sorbet pops: mango, strawberry

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s has a whole selection of certified gluten free (via GFCO) ice creams, including non-dairy options. They started certifying certain flavors gf back in 2020, and this involved updating their testing protocols to ensure their ice cream labeled gf is safe for celiacs.

gf df ice creams

Vegan Phish food pint from Live Kindly

Vegan? Yes, the full non-dairy line is vegan

Allergens? Almond, coconut, soy, depending on flavor

Kosher? Kosher-DE

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: cherry garcia, phish food, oatmeal dream pie, bananas foster core, boom chocolatta core, karamel sutra core

Cosmic Bliss (formerly Coconut Bliss)

Cosmic Bliss used to be Coconut Bliss, but they’ve since changed the name to reflect their switch to also selling grass fed dairy-based ice creams. So make sure you choose the plant-based option! All of their products are gluten free, and are certified gf. They even have a scoop shop in Portland OR and some Erewhon locations offer their soft serve.

gf df ice creams

Pint in a bath of toffee & caramel from Cosmic Bliss

Vegan? Yes, the plant-based line is entirely vegan

Allergens? Coconut in all vegan flavors, treenuts, and peanuts in certain flavors

Kosher? Yes

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: legendary cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter, sea salt caramel chocolate, chocolate hazelnut decadence, chocolate walnut brownie, sweet cherry amaretto, mint chip galactica, golden banana brownie swirl, infinite coconut, dark chocolate, Madagascan vanilla bean

  • Bars: dark chocolate, coconut almond crunch, seas salt caramel swirl

  • Ice cream sandwiches: Madagascan vanilla cookie, dark chocolate cookie

Favorite Day Frozen Desserts (Target)

These almondmilk-based ice creams aren’t certified gf, but their current lineup does not contain gluten ingredients. Make sure you read the label of any pints you buy, as this could change.

gf df ice creams

Even this flavor is gf! img from Go Dairy Free

Vegan? No claims of being vegan, so they may use cane sugar processed with animal products

Allergens? Almond, coconut

Kosher? Certified Kosher D

GF & Non-Dairy Varieties:

  • Pints: vanilla bean, caramel brownie, strawberry & fudge, vanilla cake & cookie dough

Nada Moo!

Their production facilities are not dedicated gf, but they’re certified gf by GFCO. This means they have very strict cleaning and testing procedures for gluten and legally must remain below 5 ppm gluten in all of their products marked gf. They’re also Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certified, which is one of the highest food safety certifications a facility can have for food allergen safety.

gf df ice creams

Some Nada Moos from Movie Sozo

Vegan? Yes, complete line is vegan

Allergens? Coconut in every flavor, peanuts, almond, soy in various flavors

Kosher? No

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: pistachio, cookies & creme, strawberry cheesecake, peppermint bark (seasonal), organic chocolate peanut butter, organic chocolate, rockiest road, no sugar added vanilla

  • Bites: orange creme w/vanilla, salted caramel w/vanilla, mint w/chocolate, mango w/strawberry, peanut butter w/chocolate

365 Everyday Value (Whole Foods)

Almost every 365 vegan ice cream from Whole Foods is certified gluten free! The ice cream is made from almond milk, so all varieties contain treenut allergens. Read labels of any seasonal or collab flavors (like the img below), because those might contain gluten.

gf df ice creams

The birthday blondie flavor contains wheat - so don't buy this one. img from NY Times

Vegan? Yes

Allergens? Treenuts in all, peanuts in some flavors

Kosher? Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union (OU)

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: mint chocolate chip, berry chantilly cake, chocolate chip peanut butter swirl, vanilla bean

Van Leeuwen

We have a whole article about gf + vegan Van Leeuwen’s ice cream, so head on over there for more of their gluten free info. TLDR: they’re not certified gf, but many people with celiac seem to be fine when consuming their ice cream.

gf df ice creams

Ridiculous overflowing pints from What Now Boston

Vegan? Yes, they always offer some vegan flavors

Allergens? Treenuts, peanuts, soy

Kosher? Not yet

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Scoop shop or pints: dark chocolate fudge brownie, mint chip, peanut butter brownie honeycomb, brownie sunday raspberry swirl, pistachio

  • Bars: brown sugar honeycomb, vanilla wildberry swirl


McConnell’s vegan ice creams are made with an oat milk base and are labeled gluten free, but they do not provide information about how they source their oats. I’ve personally had the passionfruit flavor in the past and didn’t notice any ill effects, but this was before more oats started failing gluten level tests.

gf df ice creams

Scoop shop servings from Santa Barbara CA

Vegan? No, because they use refined cane sugar and this isn’t always vegan

Allergens? Most are nut free!

Kosher? No

GF & DF Varieties:

  • Pints: chocolate fudge & cookies, coffee cookie crumble, cookies & cream, passionfruit lemon swirl, peanut butter chocolate crunch, salted caramel chocolate swirl, vanilla bean, peppermint mocha & brownie bites (seasonal), gingerbread house (seasonal)

Arctic Zero

These are low calorie frozen desserts made from a faba bean base. The texture isn’t exactly ice cream, but if you need to eat low calorie or reduced carb and also want to have a full pint of ice cream (these are like 160 calories for the whole thing), this is a good option. All of their flavors are certified gluten free by GFCO and non-GMO.

gf df ice creams

Peanut butter cup flavor pint from Go Dairy Free

Vegan? Yes, certified plant-based

Allergens? Soy free, nut free, besides peanut butter and pistachio flavors

Kosher? Yes

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: strawberry shortcake, vanilla latte, classic vanilla, pistachio, cookie shake, purely chocolate, cake batter, hint of mint, chocolate peanut butter, salted caramel

Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa is an ice cream made with Hawaiian Host macadamia nuts. They aren’t certified gluten free by a third party, but they do label their products gluten free so they’re making an effort not to use gluten ingredients.

gf df ice creams

Macadamias and pints from Business Insider

Vegan? Certified vegan

Allergens? Treenuts, peanuts

Kosher? Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: big island mac nut, moloka’i sea salt & caramel, mango liliko’i, strawberry guava, kona coffee, rocky road to hana, vanilla orchid, vanilla chocolate chip, chocolate


Cado ice cream uses a base of avocados. They don’t certify their products gluten free, but most of their lineup does not contain gluten ingredients. Their ice cream sandwiches contain wheat, so skip those! Occasionally coconut, nuts, dairy & egg products are produced in the same facility, but they thoroughly clean and test for cross-contamination before the line is changed over to produce their frozen desserts.

gf df ice creams

Some sort of on-brand chocolate dipped brownie w/scoop from Green Matters

Vegan? Yes

Allergens? Largely allergen free, see details in description above

Kosher? Unconfirmed

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: simply lemon, cherry amaretto chip, vanilla bean, salted caramel, java chip, cookies & cream, mint chocolate chip, deep dark chocolate, chocolate mud pie, choco peanut butter


Sorbabes has one current flavor that contains gluten, but their products not longer contain any nuts besides coconut. They are not certified gluten or nut free, but they do thorough cleaning of their production line before making their ice cream bars to avoid possible cross-contamination. Their facility is entirely peanut free, and SQF certified with strict allergen control practices.

gf df ice creams

Hoised sorbet crunch bars from Yahoo Finance of all places

Vegan? Yes, certified vegan

Allergens? Peanut-free, but most flavors contain coconut

Kosher? Kosher Pareve certified

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Bars: strawberries & cream, berries & cocoa crisp, mango coconut crunch

Double Rainbow

They offer lots of gluten free flavors, but are not certified. Most of their ice creams are soy-based.

gf df ice creams

Mint chocolate pint from Doordash

Vegan? Not certified

Allergens? Soy in most flavors, coconut and nuts in some

Kosher? Possibly certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, check individual items

GF & DF Varieties:

  • Pints: mint chocolate chip, vanilla bean, mangonada, mango tangerine sorbet, banana pb split, very cherry chip

Sacred Serve

We have a Sacred Serve overview here! All flavors are strictly free of the top 8 allergens, excluding coconut. The base of this ice cream is young Thai coconut meat and it’s surprisingly low calorie.

I recommend the salted caramel, and definitely leave it on the counter for the full 15 minutes before digging in.

gf df ice creams

Those pints are compostable! img from Well & Good

Vegan? Yes

Allergens? Free of all major allergens, excluding coconut

Kosher? No

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: salted caramel, mint chip, chocolate, cookies n cream, chai latte


Wildgood is a Vermont company making frozen desserts from Greek olive oil. Their products are made without dairy, gluten, eggs, soy, or peanuts; however, their Pistachio and Chocolate Hazelnut flavors do contain tree nuts. They have a shared production line but follow an allergen cleanse protocol to reduce the potential for cross-contamination on shared machinery. They are not certified gluten free.

gf df ice creams

So much melting ice cream in spoons from Wildgood

Vegan? Certified vegan

Allergens? Pistachio and chocolate hazelnut flavors contain nuts, tahini mocha chip contains sesame

Kosher? Certified kosher parve by Rabbi Yoel Kaplan of Balkan Kosher

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: triple berry, tahini mocha chip, vanilla bean, caramelized fig, mango, chocolate hazelnut, pistachio, coffee, mint chocolate chip, chocolate


Klimon dairy free frozen desserts are almond-based and may contain soy. They don’t contain gluten ingredients, but they also aren’t certified gluten free and are made in a shared facility. They do not provide additional information about how they monitor allergens in their production process.

gf df ice creams

Creamsicle pint from Klimon

Vegan? Unconfirmed, but they are dairy free

Allergens? May contain soy, all flavors contain almonds and coconut

Kosher? No

GF & DF Varieties:

  • Pints: morning brew, mind condition, cherry bomb, caramel brulee, sunrise bang


Noona’s is an Asian-inspired ice cream company. Almost all of their ice creams are made without gluten ingredients, excluding their toasted rice flavor which contains roasted barley. Their vegan ice creams are nut free (excluding coconut) and soy free. They do not test for allergens and are not certified gluten free.

gf df ice creams

Super popular black sesame pint from Noona's

Vegan? Yes, but only their vegan line so check the label

Allergens? Coconut, and sesame in one flavor

Kosher? No

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: black sesame, matcha green tea, rose ginger


Aldens gluten free ice creams are certified gf by GFCO. They follow strict testing protocols and thoroughly clean and test equipment between production runs for gf items. GFCO products must test below 10ppm. Their strict allergen control protocol means that any allergens are clearly labeled on the package. They’re also organic and non-GMO certified.

They have gluten and dairy free ice cream sandwiches!

gf df ice creams

Ice cream bars (wish they still had horchata flavor!) from Business Wire

Vegan? Yes

Allergens? Some varieties contain soy, coconut, nuts

Kosher? Certified OK Kosher

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Ice cream sandwiches: vanilla bean

  • Bars: blackberry, coffee swirl, dark chocolate vanilla, dark chocolate almond


Craig’s Vegan doesn’t specifically label their products gluten free, but only one current product contains any gluten ingredients. All of their ice creams are cashew-based, so they contain nuts.

gf df ice creams

A very pink Craig's pint photoshoot from Nosh

Vegan? Yes

Allergens? Nuts, coconut, certain flavors contain peanuts

Kosher? Certified kosher for dairy products

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: perfectly chocolate, kursten’s pb crunch, sunset & strawberry, killa' vanilla, melrose mint chip, cold brew coffee

Eclipse Foods

Eclipse uses a blend of cassava, potato, rapeseed and corn to replicate the molecular structure of milk. Due to the unique milk substitute, many flavors are free from top allergens, but they do use a shared manufacturing line. They are not certified gluten free, and some flavors contain wheat. Some flavors are non-GMO.

gf df ice creams

Vibrant Eclipse pints from Veg News

Vegan? Yes

Allergens? Some vegan flavors contain nuts, peanuts, and soy

Kosher? Pints are not kosher certified

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Ice cream bon-bons: coffee almond crunch, hazelnut chocolate truffle

  • Pints: vanilla bean, mint choco chip, mango passionfruit, caramel butter pecan


Tofutti is the old classic vegan line! Most of their products are gluten free and made in a dedicated facility, but this unfortunately doesn’t apply to their frozen desserts :(. The pints don’t contain gluten ingredients, but they are not certified gluten free and are made in a shared facility. Free of coconut, sesame. Their ice cream bars contain wheat, so don’t buy them by mistake!

gf df ice creams

Classic greenscreened pints from Tofutti

Vegan? Yes

Allergens? Soy, corn, sometimes nuts

Kosher? Kosher Parve

GF & Vegan Varieties:

  • Pints: vanilla, butter pecan, chocolate, vanilla almond bark, wild berry, vanilla fudge


Fronen ice cream is made without gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, shellfish, gums, corn, or refined sugars, but they are made in a shared facility that does produce products with those allergens. They’re sweetened with honey or coconut sugar and boast a super simple ingredients list so their desserts are a good choice if you’re paleo or on an AIP or SCD diet plan.

gf df ice creams

Orchids hanging out with a vanilla pint from Popsugar

Vegan? No, most varieties contain honey, but the salted caramel variety is vegan

Allergens? Coconut

Kosher? No

GF & DF Varieties:

  • Pints: strawberry, madagascar vanilla, chocolate, mint chip, salted caramel

* Title image courtesy of Daryl Han via Unsplash.

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