A Complete List of GF Breweries in the US and Canada

A Complete List of GF Breweries in the US and Canada

While there are many gluten-reduced beer options on the market, many people with celiac disease choose to only consume beers that are naturally gluten free. Luckily, there are now tons of gluten free breweries that produce great beers that are made from entirely gluten free ingredients and produced in gluten free facilities. There are also breweries that product gluten free beers in regular brewing facilities.

Below you’ll find a full list of GF breweries, plus regular breweries that produce beer made from entirely gluten free ingredients. If we missed any, please let us know!

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Dedicated Gluten Free Breweries

Aurochs Brewing

Aurochs Brewery is located in Pittsburgh, PA. They currently offer 6 year-round beer options, plus a rotating list of seasonal and experimental brews.

  • Aurochs Blonde Ale
  • Aurochs Session IPA
  • Aurochs Amber Ale
  • Aurochs Porter
  • Aurochs Light Lager
  • Aurochs Hazy IPA

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Image via Fueled by Hops

Holidaily Brewing

Holidaily is based in Golden, CO. They have 4 year-round flavors, 3 seasonals, and 1 small batch experimental flavor called the Adventure Series that rotates each year.

  • Favorite Blonde Ale
  • Fat Randy’s IPA
  • Big Henry
  • Riva Stout


  • Patchy Waters Pumpkin Ale
  • Beulah Red Ale
  • Buckwit Belgian

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Image via 5280 Magazine

Groundbreaker Brewing

Groundbreaker (formerly Harvester) Brewing is located in Portland, OR. Their brewpub also serves incredible gluten free food. They have 4 year-round flavors, seasonals that rotate often, and a Roll Up Door series.

  • Inclusion Dry-Hopped Pale Ale
  • Dark Ale
  • IPA No. 5
  • Olallie Ale

Roll Up Door Series:

  • IIPA Imperial IPA
  • Cancellation Pale Ale
  • Imperial Darkness

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Mutantis Brewery and Bottle Shop

Mutantis is a small brewery and bottle in Portland, OR. They carry their own beers, plus a ton of other breweries GF beers. They never brew the same beer twice, so it’s best to visit their online store to see if they have something you’re interested in that day.

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Bierly Brewing

Bierly is located in McMinnville, OR. Their tasting room offers a rotating menu of donuts each weekend. They have 6 year-round beers, and a rotating list of seasonal beers.

  • Felix Pilsner
  • Lucky IPA
  • Blackbird Stout
  • Baker Street Porter
  • Rendezvous Double IPA
  • Ganz Vienna Lager

Past Seasonals:

  • Irish Red Ale
  • Sour Berliner Weisse
  • Munich Dunkel Lager
  • Pumpkin Belgian
  • Pekko Fresh Hop IPA

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Bard’s is a gluten free option that’s been around for a long time. They previously shut down, but are back with their sorghum-based golden brew, now sold in cans.

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Bard's Beer review from The Kitchn

Ghostfish Brewing

Ghostfish is based in Seattle, WA. They have a large restaurant and tap room that serves up a full menu of classic bar foods made gluten free. They have 7 flagship beers and some rotating seasonal releases.

  • Vanishing Point Pale Ale
  • Shrouded Summit Belgian White Ale (review)
  • Grapefruit IPA
  • Watchstander Stout
  • Meteor Shower Blonde Ale
  • Kick Step IPA
  • Peak Buster Double IPA

Past Seasonals:

  • It Came from the Haze - Hazy IPA (review)
  • All My Exes Live in Jalisco
  • Irish Goodbye
  • Gosefish Hibiscus-Cranberry Gose
  • Ghost Pepper Saison
  • Fresh Hop Release
  • Lunar Harvest Pumpkin Ale

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Glutenberg is based out of Montreal, QB. They have 9 year-round beers and distribute pretty widely in the US and Canada.

  • Blonde
  • IPA
  • Pale Ale
  • Red
  • White
  • Stout
  • Session IPA
  • Gose
  • Double IPA

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Fiesta Latina

Fiesta Latina is a Mexican agave-based amber ale. It tastes fruity and light. If you can’t consume any grains, this is a great option.

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New Planet Beer

New Planet was founded in Boulder, CO. They currently offer 2 beers, but their product lineup has varied over the years. Their beers are light and hoppy.
Current Beers:

  • Pale
  • Blonde

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Alt Brew

Alt Brew is a nano brewery in Madison, WI. They offer lots of dark beer options, which can be difficult to find GF. They have a taproom where you can order flights of beer or pick up bottles. Their taproom does not have a kitchen, but they offer packaged snacks. The list below includes beers on tap as of March 2022.
On Tap:

  • Conscious Oversight - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout
  • 1808 Robust Porter
  • California Common
  • Hiking Boots Blonde Ale
  • Hollywood Nights
  • Copperhead
  • Blackwater - Scotch Ale
  • Holy Hop Grenade - Double IPA
  • Rustic Badger - Farmhouse Ale

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Buck Wild Brewing

Located in Oakland, CA, Buck Wild has a taproom with food from local restaurant Kitava. Their dishes are free from gluten, dairy, corn, soy, peanuts, refined sugar and seed oils.
Current Beers:

  • Double IPA
  • Amber
  • Coffee Stout
  • IPA Hazy
  • Kolsch
  • Pale Ale

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Burning Brothers

Burning Brothers is located in St Paul, MN. They have a no-frills taproom with recurring weekly events and a beer club.
Current Taplist:

  • Pyro American Pale Ale
  • Midway American Lager
  • Auntie M’s Irish Red Ale
  • Tart Cherry Sour
  • Double Dry Hopped IPA
  • Roasted Coffee Ale
  • Northstar Radler

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Burning Brothers brewer profile from The Growler

Dos Luces Brewery

Dos Luces is a corn-based brewery located in Denver, CO. Chicha and pulque are ancient brews made from corn and maguey, popular throughout the Americas and currently experiencing a revival in popularity in Mexico. These drinks range from 4.5-11% in alcohol by volume. Dos Luces uses locally grown malted blue corn. They also offer seasonal varieties of chicha and pulque.

  • Chicha Inti
  • Pulque Metztli
  • Túpac Amaru Imperial Chicha
  • Moctezuma Imperial Pulque


  • Pineapple Tepache

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Eckert Malting and Brewing

Eckert is a gluten free supply company that carries GF malts and equipment. They’re located in Chico, CA. They also make very small batch beers for purchase in CA.
Previous Brews:

  • Kristina’s Challenge - A Hop Forward Ale
  • Not a Quad - Belgian Style
  • Eckert’s Select Lager
  • Doppel Dawg

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Eckert Doppel Dawg review from Best Gluten Free Beers

Evasion Brewing

Evasion is located in McMinnville, OR. They have 3 core beers, plus rotating seasonals and small batch Mill & Barrel series. They currently ship to Oregon, Virginia, and Anchorage, Alaska.
Core Beers:

  • Hophoria IPA
  • Blonde Ale
  • Tantamount Stout

Current Seasonals:

  • Evasion Light
  • Eclipse Of The Tart
  • Blood Orange IPA

Mill & Barrel Series:

  • Yamhill Punch 2021 - Barrel Aged American Wild Ale
  • Coastal Collosus - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
  • Batch 2 - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

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Moonshrimp Brewing

Located in Portland, OR, Moonshrimp is entirely oat free, gluten free, and vegan. They even uses beet sugar to avoid possible issue with animal products in cane sugar processing. They have 3 beers in their permanent collection, rotating seasonals, and very limited edition beer window exclusives.
Permanent Collections:

  • Negative Space - Dark Pale Ale
  • Starlight White - White Ale
  • One Small Step - IPA


  • Spruce Tip Brown
  • Sour - Hibiscus Lime Gose
  • Amber Laber

Window Exclusives:

  • Coffee Porter
  • Juniper Seasonal
  • Anise and Elderberry Gruit
  • Jalapeño Saison

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Neff Brewing

Neff stands for New Era Fine Fermentations, but it’s also the founder’s last name. They’re located in Tulsa, OK and have a taproom with classic bar food made GF as well as brunch! They have 6 flagship beers, rotating seasonals, and one-offs that are offered only in the taproom.

  • Apollo Blonde
  • Ignition Switch - Belgian Pale Ale
  • Raspberry Pride - Fruited Kettle Sour
  • No Barriers - Dry-hopped American Pale Ale
  • Spacerveza - Mexican Lager
  • Astronaut Cookies - Oatmeal Stout


  • Mars-zen - German Märzen
  • Earthrise
  • Moonrise - Stout


  • Black is Beautiful - Imperial Stout
  • Sunny-bee - Fruited Kettle Sour
  • Graffle Fritter - Graf (an apple cider/beer hybrid)

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Red Leaf GF Nano-Brewery

Red Leaf is a tiny brewery in Jeffersonville, VT. Their instagram has the most up to date beer flavor information.
Recent Offerings:

  • Woodcutter SPA
  • Woodcutter IPA
  • Hop-Tensium Black IPA
  • Black (Raz) Magic IPA
  • Pumpkin Ale
  • En Hivér (Winter) Spice Ale
  • Yeah Buck Too Ale
  • Roasty! Brown Ale
  • Woodpile Maple Brown Ale
  • Woodsmoke Porter

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Rolling Mill Brewing Company

Rolling Mill is located in Middletown, OH and are currently the only dedicated GF brewery in the state.

  • Lunch Bucket - Ultra Light Lager
  • Two Goldens - American Lager
  • 10-09 - German Pilsner
  • Anti-Federalist - American Pale Ale
  • Threes Chaos - IPA
  • Ironman - Amber Lager
  • Ingot - Brown Ale
  • Open Hearth - Stout
  • Lauktoberfest - Marzen
  • Hollow Hayride - Imperial Pumpkin Ale

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Divine Science Brewing

Divine Science is located in Santa Ana, CA. They have a taproom and offer packaged food to go with their gluten free and vegan beers.
Core Beers:

  • Third Contact IPA
  • Event Horizon Blonde
  • Moka Diosa Stout
  • Divine Millsner
  • Particle Haze Hazy IPA

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Divine Science Divine Millsner review from Best Gluten Free Beers

Steadfast Beer Co

Steadfast is located in Albany, NY. They currently offer 4 beers.

  • Pale Ale
  • Oatmeal Cream Stout
  • IPA
  • Blonde Ale

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Heathen’s Brewing

Heathen’s Brewing is the only dedicated gluten-free craft brewery in Western Canada. They’re located in Calgary, AB. They have 4 regular flavors on their taplist, plus rotating seasonal flavors.
Taproom List:

  • Tropical Haze NEIPA (New England IPA)
  • Asgard Ale - Traditional American Ale
  • Kvasir’s Peanut Butter Stout (contains lactose)
  • Land of Njord Milk Stout (contains lactose)

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Helix Biere Sans Gluten

Helix is located in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, QC, in Canada. Currently the beers are distributed within Eastern Canada.
Core Beers:

  • NEIPA - Saison
  • Farmhouse - Saison
  • Session NEIPA
  • Fruits NEIPA - Ananas
  • Fruits NEIPA - Mangues
  • Sour - Framboise
  • Sour - Mûres
  • Sour - Fruits des Champs
  • Sour - Pêche et Fruits de la Passion
  • Sour - Tropicale
  • Sour Dessert - Bleuets, Mûres et Cannelle
  • Sour Dessert - Ananas, Bleuets et de Vanille

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Shared Breweries that Make Gluten Free Beers

Certain breweries make beer using only gluten free ingredients, but they also make regular beer. They have a shared facility, so cross-contamination could be an issue, depending on their procedure.

Otherwise Brewing

Otherwise is brewed in a shared facility with Hunter’s Point Brewery (a.k.a. Speakeasy Ales and Lagers) in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood. It’s made with gluten free ingredients but is manufactured on shared equipment with regular beer. However, an extensive cleaning process is completed before each brewing session, and they often also use a beer clarifying enzyme that removes any possible gluten.
Current Lineup:

  • 30,000 Feet - Juicy IPA
  • Calrose Crisp - Rice Lager
  • Hella Nibs - Dessert Stout
  • Péché de Pêche - Kettle Sour
  • Western Addition - Pale Ale

Past Releases:

  • Guava Fresca - Kettle Sour
  • IFLS - Juicy IPA
  • Sonic Bloom - Hazy IPA

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Image via 48 Hills

BC Brewery

BC is located in Hunt Valley, MD and produces Maryland’s first GF beer. Brewed from the start with gluten free ingredients, on fully dedicated equipment, run on fresh lines and taps that have never been contaminated. However, they are brewed in a space that also brews gluten-containing beer. They’re incredibly careful to keep these ingredients separate and they also use ELIZA testing to ensure beers are gluten free. Their gluten free line of beers is called CEAL Team.
GF CEAL Team Beers:

  • Cantaloupe Sour
  • Blonde
  • IPA
  • Stout
  • Pale Ale

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Dark Hills Brewery

Dark Hills is located in rural southwestern MO. They’re a a project from Whistling Springs Brewing Company. Dark Hills now have their own dedicated brewhouse for gluten free beers, but their taproom also serves traditional gluten-containing beers. You may wish to ask in person for more specifics about how cross contamination possibilities are handled.
Perennial Favorites:

  • Plundered Abby Tripel
  • Sliepnir’s Kick Maple Porter
  • Ayla’s Amber Ale
  • Loki’s LemonAle

Seasonal Favorites:

  • Spring Shandy: Blueberry Amaretto (March through May)
  • Summer Shandy: Peach Pecan (June through August)
  • Fall Shandy: Apricot English Walnut (September through November)
  • Winter Shandy: Cranberry Black Walnut (December through February)
  • Marzen Lager

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Image via Brew Cruizer

New Grist from Lakefront Brewery

Lakefront Brewing, based in Milwaukee, WI, produces 2 styles of beer that are gluten free under their New Grist line. They don’t share production information, but the beers are certified gluten free, which means batches are rigorously tested to be below 20 ppm gluten. Year-round:

  • GF Pilsner
  • GF Gose with Lime

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Image via Milwaukee Mag

Puckerberry from High Hops Brewery

High Hops is located in Windsor CO. They mostly brew regular beer, but they offer one gluten free option called Puckerberry, which is a blackberry kettle sour. It can be purchase in a can or at the taproom. Cross-contamination is possible, so be sure to ask about their precautions before consuming.

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Armored Cow Brewing

Armored Cow is located in Charlotte NC. They are a traditional brewery that offers a couple gluten free options, including a few seltzers. ross-contamination is possible, so be sure to ask about their precautions before consuming.

GF Beers:

  • Whole Lotta Rosie - Vanilla Coffee Blonde Ale
  • Serenity Now - Pale ALe
  • Hell Yeah - Hazy IPA

GF Seltzers:

  • What Plants Crave - Blue Raspberry
  • Crushin IT - Orange Creamsicle

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Departed Soles

Located in Jersey City, NJ, Departes Soles makes both gluten-full and gluten free beers. They take cross contamination very seriously and have a proprietary cleaning process between regular and gluten free batches to ensure no gluten makes it into a gluten free brew. They also used dedicated gluten free tap lines and have 2 entirely gluten free fermenters.


  • GoodbIPA: Four My Homie - Westcoast IPA


  • A Dark Knight - Black IPA
  • Go Big or Go Home - Belgian Tripel
  • None Shall P.A.T.H. - American Pale Ale
  • Rick Rolled - Oat Coffee Stout
  • Ghost of Pumpkins Passed - Pumpkin Spiced Ale
  • Brrr-Berry - Raspberry Pie Ale
  • Bumper Hops - New England Style IPA
  • Senses Pail - Collab with Senses Fail
  • New Jersey Ninja - Blonde Ale with Honey and Green Tea
  • All Together - NEIPA, collab with Other Half to benefit service industry folks
  • Brut Tang Can - Mimosa IPA
  • Birdie Juice - Kolsch

gf beer

GoodbIPA review from Best Gluten Free Beers

Element Plasma from Element Brewing and Distilling

Element is located in MA. They don’t currently share much information about their brewing process for the gluten free sake IPA online, but it’s certainly unique. It’s been brewed with brown rice and malted millet.

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Image via Mass Live

Foxtail from Joseph James Brewing

Located in Henderson, NV, Joseph James has a full line of regular beers. They currently offer one gluten free option, which is the Foxtail Ale. The beer is not certified and we haven’t been able to confirm if their brewing and canning line follows practices to avoid cross-contamination.

gf beer

Foxtail review from Best Gluten Free Beers

Operation: Yoga Pants from Martin City Brewing

Martin City Brewing in based in Kansas City, MO. They offer one gluten free beer option called Operation: Yoga Pants. They don’t confirm their gluten free brewing practices online, so we’d recommend asking for specifics in person to make sure it’s safe for you.

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Image via Bier Station

Boxer GF from Minhas Brewery

Minhas was started in Wisconsin, and Boxer is a line of their beers that offer a gluten free option. It’s currently only available in Canada, but they plan to distribute this option within the US soon. Their website says it’s safe for celiacs, but does not include further information about how cross-contamination risks are managed.

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Sibling Revelry

Sibling Revelry is located in Westlake, OH. They’ve produced various gluten free options, and tend to produce small batches. Their gluten free beer is brewed with 100% gluten free ingredients and tested below 10ppm for gluten presence.

Previous GF Beers:

  • Olly Olly Gluten Free - Pale Ale
  • Gluten Free Wit - White Ale Brewed with Cherries
  • Hazy Gluten Free IPA
  • Lemongrass Saison
  • Gluten Free Pale Ale

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Image via Twitter

Microbrasserie Nouvelle France

Microbrasserie Nouvelle France produces 4 gluten free beers, plus they grow and malt their own grains used to brew they products. They’re located in Québec. They currently don’t include cross-contamination precaution information online.

GF Beers:

  • Messagere Blonde - Blonde Ale
  • Messagere Rousse - Red Ale
  • Messagere Light - Millet Lager
  • Messagere aux Fruits - Berry Ale

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Image via L'Echo

Gluten Free Saison from Exchange Brewery

Ontario, Canada is home to Exchange Brewery. They product one gluten free option: their GF saison brewed with buckwheat. They don’t confirm if careful cross-contamination prevention is maintained, so you may wish to investigate further before consuming.

gf beer

Forager Pale Ale and Lager from Whistler Brewing Co

Whistler Brewing is located in Whistler, BC Canada. They currently offer two gluten free options: Forager Pale Ale and Forager Lager. Brewing procedures are not shared online, so we’d recommend checking with Whistler that this beer is safe for your gluten intolerance levels before consuming.

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Image via Beer Me BC

Best Gluten Free Beers has a more extensive list of gluten free beers, including sections by country. Home Brew Academy has compiled a gluten free beers list that includes ABV and Beer Advocates ratings. We recommend checking them both out!

* Title image courtesy of Timothy Dykes via Unsplash.

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