What's gluten free at McDonald's?

What's gluten free at McDonald's?

As a Celiac, McDonald’s probably isn’t the best place for you - at least in the US. Even the fries and hashbrowns at American McDonald’s contain gluten and milk in the ‘natural beef flavoring’.


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McDonald’s hasn’t certified any of their items gluten free, and there’s a high chance of cross-contamination at their establishments. As of 2020, they’ve also removed all salads from their menus.

If you’re desperate and must eat at McDonald’s, this is a full list of their foods that don’t contain any gluten ingredients. This list is specifically for McDonald’s in the United States. There may be different options in your country, so check at your local McDonald’s. Never assume that something that’s gluten free in one country will be gluten free in another, because McDonald’s heavily tailors their menu to each location.

Gluten Free McDonald’s Menu Items for Celiacs


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  • Apple Slices

  • Vanilla Soft Serve (without the cone)

  • McFlurries (if you get GF mix-ins)

  • Hot Fudge Sundae

  • Hot Caramel Sundae

  • All Coffee Drinks

  • Frappes

  • Shakes

  • Smoothies

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Soft Drinks

Technically GF Items with High Risk of Cross-Contamination


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  • Beef patty - even without the bun, it’s cooked in a shared space with bread

  • Scrambled Egg Sausage And Vegetable Mix (just the filling of the Sausage Burrito)

  • Sausage patty (Sausage Biscuit without the biscuit)

  • Eggs (filling from Egg McMuffin)

This is probably one of the worst places to eat gluten free, but that goes for most fast food places. McDonald’s also doesn’t provide much allergen training for their staff, so chances of cross-contamination are very high, even if you just eat the fillings of sandwiches without the bun.

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