Is wheat glucose syrup gluten free?

Is wheat glucose syrup gluten free?

Glucose syrup made from wheat is gluten free because it’s been highly processed.

All glucose is considered gluten free because the proteins have been removed and hydrolyzed. Before a grain can be processed into glucose syrup, the proteins and other plant material must be removed from the starch to avoid unwanted flavors and colors in the finished product. Once the proteins are removed, the starch is ground, soaked, gelatinized, and hydrolyzed. Finally, the syrup is clarified and evaporated to purify and concentrate it. If any gluten proteins remain in the starch after the first step, they would be broken down by the remaining processing.


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Because glucose can be made of wheat but is considered gluten free, this can cause confusing labeling situations where a product states both that it contains wheat and it’s gluten free. If you see other labels like this, it means that the wheat has been processed enough to have tested below 20 ppm gluten in the finished product.

Glucose can be made from gluten-containing grains like barley or wheat, but can also be made from corn, rice, potatoes, or cassava. The most common type of glucose syrup in the US is corn syrup. Glucose is used to add sweetness, maintain moisture, or add a thicker consistency to foods. Common foods that include glucose are ice cream, soda, candies, and cakes.

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