Khanom Buang

Khanom Buang

Khanom Buang (ขนมเบื้อง), also spelled khanom bueang, is a snack in Thailand that’s been popular for hundreds of years. This thin, crispy crepe is naturally gluten free and dairy free! The crepes do contain eggs, and savory versions often also contain fish sauce or shrimp.

The main components of khanom buang are rice flour, mung bean flour, palm sugar, and eggs. Once a small crepe has been made, it’s filled with meringue and finished with a sweet or savory topping. Popular options include salty shrimp, coconut shreds, or golden egg yolk threads called foi thong.

khanom beuang

Foi thong from Taste Atlas

Khanom buang became popular in Thailand during the Ayutthaya period, but the origins of the snack are unclear. Some claim that khanom buang came to Thailand via India, Vietnam, or France. It’s also been suggested that the modern version of khanom buang can be traced back to the influence of Marie Guimar, the half-Japanese, half-Portuguese wife of a Greek minister (Constantine Phaulkon) to the Siamese royal court in the 17th century. Marie worked her way to the position of head of the royal kitchen and introduced the use of eggs in desserts and other sweets in Thailand.

Regardless of the origin, Thai cooks have made the dish entirely their own.

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While the basic recipe is gluten free and dairy free, it’s worth noting a couple of exceptions:

  • Some cooks use Ovaltine or cocoa powder to color the snack. Because Ovaltine contains malt and dairy, you’ll want to double-check that it wasn’t included in their recipe.

  • White pepper powder may be used to season the savory fillings. Low quality white pepper powder can sometimes be cut with wheat flour, but this may be more likely in China than Thailand.

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Buy Khanom Buang Ingredients

Making khanom buang is relatively easy and doesn’t require any special pans or equipment, but the recipe does benefit from the use of limestone water. Lime helps achieve the right crispiness, but crushed egg shells can also be used in a pinch! All of these ingredients will be cheaper at your local Thai store, if that’s an option for you.

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Gluten Free Khanom Buang Recipes

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