Is shichimi togarashi gluten free?

Is shichimi togarashi gluten free?

Shichimi togarashi is a spice mix that’s used as a Japanese condiment. It’s vegan and is almost always gluten free! Feel free to sprinkle it on your vegetables, soups and noodles for a little extra zestiness. It’s especially great on avocado toast because it adds both a pleasant level of spice and a fresh, citrusy kick.

Shichimi was first produced in Edo in the 17th century and was traditionally customized according to each client’s needs. Nowadays the recipe has settled into a standard mix of spices, so you basically know what to expect. You can easily make it yourself if you already have each of these spices on hand.

Ingredients in Shichimi Togarashi:

  • Coarsely ground red chili

  • Ground sanshō (Japanese peppercorn)

  • Roasted orange or yuzu peel

  • sesame, hemp, or poppy seeds

  • Seaweed flakes

  • Ground ginger

  • Shiso flakes

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shichimi togarashi

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None of these options contain gluten in the ingredients list, but they also aren’t specificaly certified gluten free. If you only purchase certified gluten free spices, you may wish to make your own blend, as it doesn’t seem to be a spice mix made by those companies.

Salt is generally not included in shichimi togarashi in Japan, but many western varieties have decided to add it. Worth checking the label for this if you’re watching your sodium intake.

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