Gluten Free Oat Alternatives

Gluten Free Oat Alternatives

We’ve written a previous article about oats, and the fact that they’re often contaminated with gluten. Unfortunately, in the last few years even gluten free labeled oats have become riskier for celiacs. This issue has been highlighted by Gluten Free Watchdog, and we’d recommend reading their most recent article on the topic.

Most gluten free labeled oats are now sourced from mechanically sorted oats grown in cross-contaminated fields, and companies don’t always test for gluten very thoroughly. Third party testing has shown a highly variable amount of gluten in oat products labeled gluten free.

I’m highlighting this because I’ve recently started having gluten exposure symptoms, and have reason to believe my symptoms can be traced back to the Trader Joe’s gf oats I was eating regularly. Perhaps it was just a bad batch, but I’m going to be skipping the oats for now. This also means no oat milk for the time being, but I’ll be looking into this further.

Cutting oats from my diet bums me out, so I thought I’d make the best of it and find some good alternatives to share with you! Below you’ll find gluten free options to use for your hot cereal, cookies, and anywhere else you’d use oats. As always, we’d recommend doing your own research on the manufacturers to make sure you’re comfortable eating their goods.

Gluten Free Rolled Oat Alternatives

oat alternatives

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Gluten Free Instant Oat Alternatives

oat alternatives

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Gluten Free Steel Cut Oat Alternatives

oat alternatives

Amaranth porridge from Lazy Cat Kitchen

Gluten Free Granola Fillers

oat alternatives

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