Kaya jam - dairy free coconut curd

Kaya jam - dairy free coconut curd

Kaya jam is a delicious coconut spread that’s traditionally made of just eggs, coconut milk, sugar, and pandan, making it gluten and dairy free. Unfortunately some modern commercial varieties have started to add wheat flour as a filler, but any brand using a traditional recipe contains only simple ingredients that are allergen-friendly. As long as you use gluten free toast for serving and choose a gluten free version from our list below, you’re good to go!


Singaporean breakfast set from Taste Asian Food

Kaya is popular throughout SE Asia, but is especially ubiquitous in Singapore as part of the Singaporean breakfast set with runny eggs and crisp toast. The two main types of kaya found in Malaysia and Singapore are nyonya kaya, which is light green from pandan leaves and Hainanese kaya, which is dark brown from caramelized sugar and honey. The texture of kaya jam ranges from soft-set caramel to spreadable cheesecake.

Other popular forms of kaya include sangkhaya (สังขยา) in Thailand, which is served with small cubes of bread for dipping (seen in the title image for this article!), matamís sa báo in the Philippines, which is syrupy rather than custardy, and siamu popo in Samoa, which is more of a citrus leaf-flavored caramel.

Buy Gluten Free Kaya Jam

Many Malaysian or Singaporean-style kaya jams will be dairy free and gluten free, but some versions contain butter or wheat flour, so definitely check labels carefully! As always, we’d recommend searching local stores before purchasing online for better prices.


Ya kun kaya from Eatbook

Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Vegan Kaya Jam Recipes

If you’d like to have more control over the ingredients in the kaya jam, making it yourself isn’t too complicated. This will also allow you to make it vegan, if you’d prefer to skip the eggs. Or you could cut down on or replace the sugar to make it lower carb. We’ve linked some vegan and keto options below, in case that’s your style.

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