Review: Black Sesame and Sea Salt Bar from Yes Bar

Review: Black Sesame and Sea Salt Bar from Yes Bar

The Black Sesame and Sea Salt Yes Bar can be purchased in packages of 6 from Amazon or you can choose to purchase directly from the manufacturer. You can also buy a variety pack to try out all of the Yes Bar flavors. The current flavors include: black sesame sea salt, salted maple pecan, strawberry coconut, coffee ‘n’ chocolate, dark chocolate chip, and macadamia chocolate.

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These bars are a sweet and salty whole foods option for a quick snack. This sesame sea salt flavor is made of nuts, seeds, maple syrup, coconut nectar, and furikake. Furikake is a mix of sesame, nori seaweed and salt, and this adds a nice umami note and salty balance to what is otherwise a sweet nut bar. This flavor used to also contain pickled plum (umeboshi), but this had to be removed because it could not be kosher certified. The company confirmed via email that as soon as they can find kosher certified umeboshi, they’ll add this back to the mix. I think the umeboshi was such a nice acidic addition to the bars, so I’m looking forward to when this can be added back, although I really enjoy these bars as-is.

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Yes bars are entirely plant based and have half the sugar of an apple. They aren’t low calorie (the black sesame sea salt variety has 220 calories per cookie), but they do offer a great balance of protein, fiber, fat and carbs. I highly recommend them if you love sweet and salty foods, but want to have an option that is more substantial and healthy.

5 out of 5
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