Review: Dairy Free Sea Salt Caramels from Avenue Sweets

Review: Dairy Free Sea Salt Caramels from Avenue Sweets

Avenue Sweets caramels can be purchased on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer. The vegan caramels come in the following flavors: golden vanilla, sea salt, and sea salt chocolate. Avenue Sweets also makes a few varieties of vegan brittles and caramel sauces. The candies are currently only sold in larger portions online. I bought a 2-pack of 5.2 oz boxes of the sea salt caramels for $19.

caramels box

The caramels are made from organic cane sugar, coconut milk, coconut oil, tapioca syrup and agave, with a finish of flaky sea salt. The coconut flavor is pleasant but noticeable and it add a great coconut milk flavor to the candy. There is just enough sea salt to balance and sweetness and it also offers some textural contrast. The caramel’s texture is chewy and not overly sticky or oily. These caramels will not go to sugar over time and are very shelf-stable.

caramel unwrap

These are fantastic caramels for anyone who can no longer consume dairy products and they’re the closest option to the caramels I grew up eating. I wish they were sold in smaller packages, mostly because it’s difficult not to eat the entire shipment within a week.

caramel wrap

4.5 out of 5
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