Review: Vegan Caramels from Feedyourface

Review: Vegan Caramels from Feedyourface

I ordered a sample pack of vegan caramels from Feedyourface’s Etsy shop for $16. The caramels are coconut milk-based and include raw sugar, agave, and earth balance. The packaging is entirely compostable and includes a tie made of multicolored yarn made by a fair-trade women’s cooperative in Nepal. Organic and fair-trade ingredients are used whenever possible by this shop.

The caramel sample pack included 2 each of the following flavors: vanilla, orange vanilla creamsicle, Hawaiian sea salt, espresso, brown sugar lavender, and maple. The flavor of the caramels tends more towards buttery than milky and the coconut flavor is subtle. The texture is gooey but still firm enough to hold together. However, you may need to give it some cooling time after shipment if you live in a particularly warm climate. I found that the caramels didn’t stick to the package too much at room temperature (mid-60s F, currently). I expected to like the sea salt caramel the best, but my surprise favorite was espresso.

I would definitely order these caramels again, and would recommend them to anyone that enjoys gooey and buttery caramels. I appreciate how considerate this shop is with their packaging and love that I’m supporting a small business by buying vegan caramels on Etsy. Please know that this is a small batch product and not meant to be stored for a long time, because sugar crystals may form.

If you prefer a more firm and milky caramel rather than a gooey and buttery caramel, you might enjoy Avenue Sweets vegan caramels instead.

4.5 out of 5
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