Review: Ciabatta from Schär

Review: Ciabatta from Schär

Schar carries many gluten free breads, and their ciabatta is a great option, although lacking in much nutritional value.

The ciabatta come in packages of 4 rolls for a cost of about $4-$6. You can buy the rolls in sets from Amazon or directly from Schar.

These rolls are soft, fluffy, and neutral tasting because they are made from a base of corn starch, corn flour, and rice flour. Because the base is mostly corn starch, they do not naturally contain much nutritional value, but Schar has added fiber and vitamins to help offset this. The rolls dry out quickly and their package cannot be resealed, so you’ll need to use a separate airtight bag or container to store them after opening.

ciabatta roll

The rolls are best microwaved for fluffiness or toasted in the oven for more textural contrast. They’re great for sandwiches, especially those made with cheese and fresh tomatoes or coldcuts.

4 out of 5
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