Gluten Free Mole Recipes

Gluten Free Mole Recipes

Mole is a complex Mexican sauce and a true labor of love. Many popular types of mole aren’t safe for celiacs to eat, due to the addition of bread or crackers as a thickening agent, but with a few simple subs you can make yourself some delicious gluten and dairy free mole. Below you’ll find links to mole ingredients, premade vegan and gluten free mole pastes, and a bunch of gluten free mole recipes.

If you’d like to learn more about the different mole varieties (including which types are naturally gluten free and dairy free) so you can order mole at a restaurant, check out our mole article for guidance.

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Buy Mole Ingredients

The links below are for specialty mole ingredients that might be difficult to source in your area, like chiles and avocado leaves, as well as a cooking vessel called a cazuela. A clay cazuela is what was traditionally used when making mole, but any pot that can hold a large amount of sauce and a stable temperature is a good choice.


Easy mole sauce from The Spruce Eats

Gluten Free Vegan Premade Mole

All of the premade mole pastes linked below happen to be both vegan and gluten free! They’re all great options if you can’t be bothered to cook mole all day, but still want the slow-simmered flavor.


Mole pastes from LA Times

Gluten Free Mole Recipes

Most mole recipes use lard and meat stock, but you can always sub those out for oil and veg stock to make the sauce vegan. There are some explicitly vegan recipes in the list below, and even a keto version. Gluten free mole recipes will generally use masa harina or corn tortillas instead of the bread used in gluten-filled varieties, but a thickener isn’t necessary in many cases.

If you choose a version that includes chocolate, use your fav allergen friendly chocolate or choose a variety of Mexican chocolate that is gluten free, like Ibarra. Abuelita is not considered gluten or dairy free.

Happy mole-ing!


Mole chilaquiles from Food 52


Mole rosa from Animal Gourmet

mole recipes

Mole bowls from Prompart

* Title image courtesy of Alejandro Linares Garcia via Wikimedia.

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