Review: Homestyle Breakfast Burrito from Daiya

Review: Homestyle Breakfast Burrito from Daiya

You can buy a Homestyle Breakfast Burrito for around $4-$5 dollars at most grocery stores that carry a variety of Daiya’s vegan foods. The price point is pretty high here for what is about half the size of a regular microwave breakfast burrito, but you are paying for a very convenient and specific gluten-free and vegan option.

burrito on plate

The burrito consists of potatoes, vegan cheddar style shreds, meatless beef style crumbles, vegan egg, and maple syrup all wrapped up in a brown rice flour tortilla. The package boasts that this burrito contains 13 grams of plant-based protein, which is more than I expected. I unwrapped the frozen burrito, then microwaved and pan-fried it until lightly crisp. I highly recommend the pan-frying step here and it only took an extra minute or so.

burrito cut

This burrito smells shockingly like a McGriddle in a nice way. I’m a big fan of maple, so I really enjoyed the prounounced maple smell and flavor, but I could see this being a bit much for some. Unfortunately, the burrito has too much tortilla and potato and too little of the other fillings. I would prefer more vegan egg and meatless crumble filling. Because of this high carb ratio, some hot sauce was definitely needed to balance both the maple flavor and the starchiness of the burrito. That said, the flavor was pretty enjoyable and I’m glad I tried it at least once.

2.5 out of 5
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